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Children's Songwriter

Tish Rabe has written the lyrics for over 250 children's songs created with different composers for Sesame Street, Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, The Fox Kid's Cubhouse, Smithsonian Kids, The African Wildlife Federation and many more.


Hear Tish Sing

Tish's Children's Songs

Little Girl Squirrel (Hope Walters) and Grandma Squirrel (Tish Rabe) SING!

Enjoy this animation featuring the adorable Hope Walters as Little Girl Squirrel, Tish Rabe as Grandma Squirrel, Kelly Levesque as Narrator, music by Mike Levesque and animation by Viktoria Schultz! 

Hickety Pickety Six Chicks

A 1-minute counting jingle for young kids! Sung by Tish Rabe, lyrics by Tish Rabe, and music by Mike Levesque.

Get Ready to Share
3-2-1 Contact: Baby Time

Tish Rabe and her children Johnny and Melody record the I Believe Bunny song "Get Ready to Share" written by Tish Rabe with music by talented composer Mike Levesque.


Princess Rhyme Time
Bambi is Learning Everyday

Tish Rabe is a classically trained singer and performs as the voice of Disney princesses, Bambi and Winnie the Pooh for book and audio products.

Sesame Street

Just One Moon
Swampy, Mushy, Muddy

Sesame Street asked Tish Rabe to write "Just One Moon" to accompany My First Sleepover - a book about Elmo's first night away from home.


Merry Christmas, New York City
It's Bernie Blitzenstein the Jewish Reindeer!

The Reading and Writing Song

La canción para leer y escribir

Read and writing

Leer y escribir


both are so exciting!
son una maravilla.

Read a book or write a story
Lee un libro, escribe un cuento!


start right now!
¡empieza ya!

listen in english

escuchar en español

Watch Tish Read Her Books

Huff and Puff Have Too Much Stuff!
 What Cat is That?
A Very Crabby Christmas
Milly's Silly Suitcase
Love You, Hug You, Read to You
¡Te amo, te abrazo, leo contigo!
Maurus O'Raurus Brachiosaurus
Lots of Letters
The I Believe Bunny

Below is a partial list of Tish Rabe's songs:

Lyrics by Emmy Nominated Lyricist Tish Rabe


Composer: Michael Terry

Mickey Has a Game for You

Time to Learn with Pooh

Bambi Learns Each Day

Tinkerbell Likes to Write

The Princess Alphabet

Count Along with Thumper

Follow Your Heart

Have You Met Marie?

Princess ABC’s

Princess Rhyme Time

Count Along with Pooh

Count Along with Mickey

Princess Colors, Shapes,

    Alphabet, Animals,

        Opposites, Numbers

Ariel and Flounder

NEMO: Learn Along with Nemo

CARS: Cruisin’ Across the U.S.A.

Sesame Street

Composer: Mike Levesque

Elmo Loves Animals!

Just One Moon

Getting Ready for School

It’s the First Day of School!

Sing with Your Baby

Where is Baby?

Let’s Do the Wiggle Giggle

My Little Monster March

Sing, Sing, Sing with Me

Baby Has a Teddy Bear

Baby Elmo Takes a Bath

Rosita and Elmo are Cookin’

Laugh and Learn on Sesame Street   

Counting All Around

Composer: Bruce Zimmerman

Big Bird Says

Smithsonian Kids

Composer: Mike Levesque

Alphabet of Animals

Busy, Busy Animals

Alphabet of Space

Alphabet of Bears

Composer: Bruce Zimmerman

Alphabet of Insects

Alphabet of Dinosaurs

PEEP and the Big Wide World

Composer: Michael Terry

Let’s Explore

Green Island

Quack’s Pond

The Dump

Peep’s Can

Who’s Hiding?

Look Around

Peep’s Colors and Shapes

African Wildlife Federation

Composer: Michael Terry

We’re On a Safari!







Who’s At the Zoo?


Tiger Cubs


Baby Giraffe


Composer: Mike Levesque

At the Farm

Charlie the Chick

Clara the Cow

Pinky the Pig

Shannon the Sheep

Colgate Kids

Composer: Gary Haberman

Brush, Brush, Brush

Dr. Rabbit’s Song

Protect Your Teeth

I Just Lost a Tooth 
The Brush Your Trip Rap 
Everyone Has a Smile 

D.C. Heath Kindergarten

Composer: Jeff Loeb

I’m Growing

That’s What I Like to Do 

How I Feel Today 


Everybody Build 

On a Map

At the Library

I Am a Traffic Officer 

My Neighborhood 

I  Love to Fly

The Boat Song 

Pick Up the Phone 

I’m a Yummy Red Apple

One Little Seed

From a Farm

What Would the World Do Without Water? 

That’s Where I Live 

Snow, Rain and Sun


Fox Kids Cubhouse

Composer: Richard Berg

We are all the Colors of the Rainbow

Be Careful

Clean Up!

We are Friends

Home is the Place to Be

Hop, Swim, Fly!

I’m Learning Everyday

I Need a Little Help

It’s Fun to Make Believe

Let’s Get Some Sleep

Listen to the Animals 

The Mailvin Rap

Share, Share, Share 

Take Turns 

Together We Can Do Anything 

We are Animals Too 

We’re Different, We’re the Same

Yummy in Your Tummy Food

Together Again

3-2-1 Contact

Composer: Susan Ring

What Does Your Garbage Say?

Endangered! Recorded by Pat Benatar

The Water Commercial

See the Light

They are Hybrids

Heat it, Beat it

The Farm Commercial

Did You Know?

The Light Commercial

Hello Song




The Oceans Song

Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore

Animal Teeth

The Scientist Song

The Oceanographer Song

The Flight Commercial

Architecture Rap



How Do You Know?

The Models Song

Running with the Wind

Skin and Bones

Livin’ on the Edge

The Islands Song

How Do You Get to an Island?

My Body

You’ve Got Structure


North Pole, South Pole

Marsupial Family

How Old is Old?

Electricity is the Power 

I'm Waitin' for My Baby 

Cord of Wood 

Architecture Rap 


Lines, Power Lines! 


Motors in My House 

The Earth Commercial 

It's TOO Hot! 

Heat it! Beat it! 

Gonna Shine 

See the Light 


The Light Commercial 

How Do You Know? 

Earthquake Safety 

You're a Scientist 

Earth is Change 

Livin' on the Edge

Composer: Craig Snyder

People are Mammals Too

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Composer: Richard Berg

A Very Turtle Christmas 


We're the Turtles!

Deck the Halls with Pepperoni

The Twelve Awesome Days of Christmas 

The Wrap Rap 

Up from the Sewer and to the Streets to Buy a Gift We Go

Gotta Get a Gift for Splinter 

Oh Little City of New York 

We Wish you a Turtles Christmas

Turtle Tunes

We're the Turtles!

We're Livin' in the Sewer 

I Love to Skateboard Around the Fountain 

Leonardo Had a Rowboat 

Oh Top of a Pizza

Don't Talk to Strangers 

I Got Friends 

It's a Pity When the City Isn't Clean 

 I Love to Ride the Carousel 

On Top of a Pizza

Shari Lewis' Lamb Chop's Play-along

My Aunt Rose Went to Paris 
Uncle Lew's Super Stew 
The Dress-up Song 
What Pet Can You Get?

Smithsonian Kids

Oceans All Around

Bears, Bears, Everywhere!

It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!

The Oceans Alphabet

Alphabet of Ocean Animals

Holiday Songs

Composer: Bruce Zimmerman

Bernie Blitzenstein the Jewish Reindeer

Composer: Mike Levesque 

Merry Christmas New York City

JoJo's Circus


Come On and Join JoJo

Five Senses: Taste

Five Senses: Sight

Five Senses: Touch

Five Senses: Hear

Five Senses:  Smell

Which Sense is it?

Get Up and Move with JoJo!

Let’s Stretch

Let’s Jump

Let’s Play

Tish Rabe Books, LLC: The I Believe Bunny 

Composer: Mike Levesque


Get Ready to Share

I Believe in You

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