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The Cat in the Hat

How Did I Get to Write for Dr. Seuss?

One of the questions I’m asked almost every day is how I got to write the new line of Cat in the Hat books for Random House. I started writing children’s books in 1985 when my first book for Sesame Street, “Bert and the Broken Teapot” was published.


Over the years, I continued writing books for Sesame Street, Disney, Blue’s Clues, Bear in the Big Blue House, Clifford, Curious George and Huff and Puff, to name a few. Finally I decided to write a story about my own character Maurus O’Raurus, the Oops-a-saurus.


Maurus O’Raurus was an Oops-a-saurus

who had the best voice in the Dinosaur chorus

he liked to play tennis and swim in the sea

but mostly he liked to eat fresh broccoli.

I thought it was pretty “Seussical” so I sent it in to Random House. Months later I got a call and they told me they had “bad news and good news.” The bad news was they weren’t going to publish Maurus the Oops-a-saurus, but the good news was they were looking for someone to take over writing for the Cat in the Hat following Dr. Seuss’s death in 1991. The series was called The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library and featured non-fiction RHYMING books about science!


When birds want to go

on a winter vacation

they all take a trip    

and they call it migration.


My first two books, Is a Camel a Mammel? and Fine Feathered Friends were published in 1998. The books were so successful that my contract was extended and to date I have written 18 books in the series on subjects like space, deserts, bugs, the human body, cats, dogs, maps, reptiles and butterflies.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!TM is an award-winning series and website that is designed to spark a love of learning and an interest in science and math for preschool-aged children. The series was based on the best-selling book series The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library which features non-fiction science books for early readers on such topics as space, the human body, bugs, reptiles, cats, dogs, butterflies, maps and deserts. 

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