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Book Titles

Tish Rabe Books, LLC.

Read to Me booklet

Mystic by the Sea Is the Best Place to Be

Sweet Dreams Ahead Time For Bed

Dulces Suenos se acercan Es la hora de dormer

Days Can Be Sunny For Bunnies and Money

The I Believe Bunny The I Believe Bunny: Sharing with You


Houghton Mifflin

Curious George's Christmas Countdown


Sesame Street

Bert and the Broken Teapot 
Hi My Name is Ernie 
Hi My Name is Grover 
Big Bird’s Best Friend 
Big Bird Goes to the Doctor 
Elmo Gets Homesick

Ernie and Bert Together

Play, Laugh, and Learn All Year Long on Sesame Street 
Sing with Me Ernie
Sesame Street Letter Y 
Sesame Street Letter S

Elmo's First Sleepover

My First Trip to the Farm

Yippee for Y!


The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Oh, the Things You Can Do that are Good for You 
On Beyond Bugs 
There’s a Map in My Lap 
There’s No Place Like Space
Oh Say Can you Say What’s the Weather Today? 
Is a Camel a Mammal?
Fine Feathered Friends 
My Oh My- a Butterfly! 
Miles and Miles of Reptiles 
Inside Your Outside 
Oh, the Pets You Can Get 
Why Oh Why are Deserts Dry?

If I Ran the Dog Show

What Cat is That?

Can You See a Chimpanzee?

Out of Sight 'Till Tonight

The 100 Hats of the Cat in the Hat!


Random House

Love You, Hug You, Read to You!

!Te amo, te abrazo, leo contigo!

          (Bilingual Spanish/English version)

I Love You Grandma (Golden Book)

I Am Cindy-Lou Who

I Am Sam-I-Am

The King’s Beard 
The Song of the Zubblewump
The Gink
The Crayon Box: Jack 
The Crayon Box: Lump
The Fish’s Tale 
Where is Bear? (in the Big Blue House)
Oh Baby, the Place’s You’ll Go (to be read in Utero)

Look to the Lorax

The Lorax's Guide to Saving the Earth

Oh Give Me a Home

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That - TV tie-in books

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

I Love the Nightlife 
Show Me the Honey 
The Thing-a-majigger is Coming!
How Wet Can You Get? 
Lots of Flocks 
Wings and Paws and Fins and Claws
Ice is Nice

The Chocolate Voyage


The Lost Egg

Chasing Rainbows
Home Sweet Biome
Look for the Lorax
How to Help the Earth by the Lorax
The Tree Doctor
The Aye-Aye
A Tale of Hail
New Friends for Christmas
A Reindeer's First Christmas
A Very Crabby Christmas
Spring Into Summer
Fall Into Winter
Flight of the Penguin
A Long Winter's Nap
Hello My Baby!

Born to Run!

Step this Way!

Night Lights

King Cecil the Sea Horse

The Planet Name Game

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas

Hooray for Hair!

Trick or Treat

Tale of a Tail


Merriam-Webster Kids

Please Don't Laugh, We Lost a Giraffe! 

Follow the Stars! What Happened on Mars?


Nap Time

Breakfast on the Farm



Disney Princess: Rhyme Time

Frozen: Big Snowman, Little Snowman (bestseller)

Trudy Corporation/Soundprints

Play, Laugh and Learn on All Year Long on Sesame           Street
PEEP Numbers and Shapes
Disney Princess: Rhyme Time 
Ernie and Bert Together



Huff and Puff

Huff and Puff and the New Train

Huff and Puff Have Too Much Stuff!

Huff and Puff Sing Along!

The First Day of Kindergarten

The First Day of First Grade

The First Day of Summer Vacation


Reader’s Digest Young Families

My Little Pony: Friends Forever

Pizza Pals: Mimi Mushroom’s Guessing Game 
Pizza Pals: Tommy Tomato Tells Time 
Pizza Pals: Olivia Onion Loves Opposites 
Pizza Pals: Patty Pepper’s Book of Shapes
Pizza Pals: Pepperoni Pete Paints Colors 
Pizza Pals: Charlie Cheese Counts 1,2,3’s



Clifford: The Mystery of the Kibble Crook
Clifford: Stormy Day


Innovative Kids

Milly’s Silly Suitcase 
Penguin’s Perfect Picnic 
Sammy’s Super Circus 
Harry’s Magic Hat 
Lots and Lots of Letters 
Santa Claus is Coming to Town 
Batty’s Spooky Night
I’m a Baby
Small Town Mysteries 
Wild, Wild Adventures 
Make a Match
Digby the Dump truck and Friends 
Let’s Build a Mouse House!
Penny’s Perfect Pizza
The ABC Train 
The Silly Princess

The Big Builder

PJ Library

How Do Candles Light the Night


Blue’s ABC’s

Magenta’s Super Sleepover

Blue’s Sharing Surprise

Nickelodeon - Pocoyo

In Your Own Backyard 

Sounds All Around

Undersea ABC

Outer Space

Baby Bird's Birthday Party


I Can't Wait to Visit Santa!

Other Published Writing

For Nick Jr. Magazine 
The Best Dressed Guest – winner of the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers
The Perfect Mother’s Day- illustrated by Laura Cornell (illustrator of Jamie Lee Curtis’ bestselling picture book series)

Prime Book Box

My Little Bag – it’s Easter!

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