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Sweet Dreams Ahead
Time for Bed

Sweet Dreams generic cover.jpg

A rhyming book and lullaby to help children get ready for sleep


by Tish Rabe

illustrated by Gill Guile


Children need a good night's sleep to help them learn and grow. This restful, rhyming storybook features full-color art by U.K. artist Gill Guile of adorable animals children will love, an easy-to-sing lullaby, and tips for parents and caregivers on how to make getting ready for bed easy and enjoyable for everyone.


Available in Spanish!


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Signed by Tish Rabe

ages 0-4, softcover, 8”x8”, 24 pages, printed in the USA


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In English


Hear Tish sing the

Sweet Dreams Lullaby

Sweet Dreams Animation

Enjoy this animation featuring the adorable Hope Walters as Little Girl Squirrel, Tish Rabe as Grandma Squirrel, Kelly Levesque as Narrator, music by Mike Levesque and animation by Viktoria Schultz! 

In Spanish


Hear the Lullaby in Spanish

Play the Sweet Dreams Lullaby in Spanish
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