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Welcome to my blog! 

I love writing in rhyme. 

My kids always say, 

"Mom, you rhyme all the time." 


I have tips and fun stories. 

I'll share them with you. 

Raising kids isn't easy. 

You can help me, too! 

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Our daughter Fern loves to earn eggs.

She works for Farmer Prickles

who makes super-delicious

world famous pickles!

I don’t know how Fern does it,

but she has a knack

of tossing cucumbers over her shoulder

into one perfect stack.

She earns eggs for her basket

and she thinks it’s fun.

Her first basket is full.

She needs another one.

If your kids enjoy doing something

and getting paid, too,

look around your house and you’ll find

there’s a LOT they can do.

Just to share… I tried tossing a cucumber over my shoulder at the farm and I almost

HIT Farmer Prickles! My cucumber tossing days are OVER!

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Brooke Bunny is mom to three high-energy bunnies and is also a dedicated preschool teacher.


She was surprised and excited when she discovered she was going to have triplets. Brooke loves being a mom but sometimes feels a bit overwhelmed juggling three kids and a full-time job. She and her husband, Brad, bought a “fixer-upper,” which needs, um, fixing up, but she’s sure they’ll get around to it…eventually.


Tish Rabe is the creator of Brooke Bunny and the Bunny family.


She is also the founder of Tish Rabe Books, a television producer, songwriter and singer and is proudest of being a mom, stepmom, and grandmother. She is passionate about trying to make sure all children have books to read and encourages everyone to keep reading, writing and singing!


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